We work to raise public awareness and to develop a long-term positive reputation for your brand. In other words, we create a success story for your brand. Any PR project we implement is committed to conveying kindness, positivity, and tolerance to the community we live in. Dialogue and understanding between the brand and the community, confidence is the basis of our work.


Working with small teams has some advantages which are crucial in the fast-growing business environment.


While working with a small team you are in direct communication with the professionals who do the actual work and are aware of all the details of your project. These teams are dynamic and are flexible in working both with small and big companies. As a result, you skip most of the technical stages of the process that may slow down the workflow.


The communication and the availability of this type of team are as fast as if you work with an in-house team. All the projects are priorities for small teams as they have specific specialization and are very selective about the projects they implement.


The chance of miscommunication is reduced while working with small teams as there is direct communication between the client and the service provider, who is fully responsible for the result of the work. You do not need extra resources to supervise the work of the small teams.


Our team includes people with different specializations, who have nearly ten years of experience in the PR industry. Our priority is not to be the best, but to make our customers the best. Our steps are based on experience, knowledge and professional intuition.



We stand next to our customers both at the times of success and crises


We do not disclose corporate or business information to any third party


We can hear and understand customer concerns and make maximum efforts to address them within the borders of PR


We do not work with companies/individuals/ businesses who have purely marketing goals/targets (sales growth, etc.)


We respect the work of our partners in the field