ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG EDUCATIONAL ANIMATION VIDEOS BASIC LIFE SKILLS REQUEST Create educational videos for teenagers and young people, which will present the basic psychological skills (in program language they are called basic life skills) for public use. Develop the content of the videos using a professional manual; create scripts with key messages […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG SOCIAL VIDEO “FAMILY HAPPINESS IS IN ORDINARY MOMENTS” REQUEST To make a social video about the importance of basic family values, in particular, the healthy relationship between parents and children. The purpose of the video is to convey the message about the importance of the family environment for children. […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG ALTITUDE – SHIRAK BRANDING THE GOAL The key principle of branding is to emphasize the availability of tourism opportunities throughout the Shirak region. Shirak region is mainly associated with the city of Gyumri, when talking about tourism, the main focus is on Gyumri. The associations related to the city […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG TASTY TALKS COOKING VIDEO SERIES REQUEST Make a series of culinary videos with the participation of Armenian graduates of U.S. exchange programs, through which the exchange programs will be presented by the participants themselves. Develop a complete concept, including naming, branding, scriptwriting, and shooting coordination. SOLUTION The title of […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG FUTURO EDUCATIONAL GAME BRANDING REQUEST Branding of the educational game, including naming and creation of the visual identity. SOLUTION The name FUTURO was selected, given that the board game is about the goals of the planet’s sustainable development. More specifically, the game is about learning 17 goals of the […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG ILLUSTRATION SERIES Digital Communications Network REQUEST To create a series of illustrations about media literacy and disinformation for the target audience of teenagers and young people.  In particular, to present the idea of disinformation and how to identify it. SOLUTION Two “superheroes” were created, one of which is “disinformation” […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG SOCIAL VIDEO CRISIS FOSTERING REQUEST To produce a social video that will help to promote the concept of crisis fostering in Armenia. SOLUTION War, natural disasters, epidemics, violence, etc.: crises are very different and they are an integral part of our life. They come unexpectedly and often people are […]

Influencers Hub Ukraine

ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG BRANDING Influencers Hub Ukraine REQUEST Branding for the projects called “Influencers Hub Ukraine” conducted by the Digital Communication Network.  SOLUTION We aimed to create not only a beautiful visual representation of the brand but what is more important to create the philosophy behind the visual appearance of the brand. […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS ABOUT THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM AND INAUGURATION IN THE U.S. REQUEST Produce videos based on frequently asked questions about the U.S. electoral system, particularly the presidential election. SOLUTION The questions and answers were prepared for the educational videos. The purpose of the videos is to present to the […]


ABOUT US SERVICES PORTFOLIO PODCAST BLOG EVENT BRANDING AND MANAGEMENT ARMENIAN ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS REQUEST To develop a communication strategy and event concept, including key messages, motto, and visual identity. To organize an event according to the developed concept including content creation, visual representation, an information package for the guests և media, technical management […]