The key principle of branding is to emphasize the availability of tourism opportunities throughout the Shirak region.

Shirak region is mainly associated with the city of Gyumri, when talking about tourism, the main focus is on Gyumri. The associations related to the city of Gyumri are various. This time, however, the task is to talk about the tourism opportunities of the Shirak region, outside the associations related to the city of Gyumri. It was necessary to create new associations, new ideas about the Shirak region.


Shirak Airport, which is the second international airport in Armenia, was chosen as the symbol of the Shirak region. Built-in 1961, it is considered an exceptional architectural monument, an example of Soviet modernist architecture.

In general, airports are associated with travel, they are the first stop for tourists. The choice of the airport as a symbol of the region is also a message
is that tourism should be able to develop faster and faster in this region.

The symbol is a symbol of soaring, big dreams and opportunities, travel, development, and height …


Family tourism in Shirak region

Shirak region is a high and cold region. There are good opportunities for the development of winter tourism here. Besides, HEIGHT / ALTITUDE has a cultural, worldview and even everyday significance here.

The ceilings and windows of old houses are high.

The self-respecting Shirak / Gyumri resident keeps his head high, the honor and prestige even more. He rides in one chariot, in another his desire, which is the symbol of his honor.

The second airport of Armenia, the club of air modeling, is in Shirak region.


The tourist can love Shirak region if he can discover it from the right point of view. For that, he must see the beautiful places of Shirak region, feel and know the region with the help of people living there, who know this region well. Only by knowing Shirak one can love it.