To make a social video about the importance of basic family values, in particular, the healthy relationship between parents and children. The purpose of the video is to convey the message about the importance of the family environment for children.


The creative concept of the video and the script was built around the idea that the happiness of a family, a person, a child is in ordinary moments. According to this concept, a person or a child is happy when he/she is surrounded with love and care that comes from the family members. Children just need to be with their loved ones, live the ordinary moments of life with them, learn in every moment, and collect childhood memories.

One can value the ordinary moments when looking at them from afar. That is why the creative team search for the heroes of the video not in the capital city, but in borderline villages of Armenia. All the heroes of the video are not actors, but ordinary people and real families living in one of the border communities of the Tavush region.

Production: DreamShots
Script and Management: WELL PR Agency
For World Vision Armenia