Branding of the educational game, including naming and creation of the visual identity.


The name FUTURO was selected, given that the board game is about the goals of the planet’s sustainable development. More specifically, the game is about learning 17 goals of the “Sustainable Development 2030” agenda of the UN’s 2015 summit. Thus, the game name reflects the main idea of the goals concerning the planet’s future. 

The visual identity of the game was developed following the visual identity and guidelines for sustainable development goals developed by the United Nations. All areas of sustainable development are presented with visual elements. By saying that we mean the environment where human society lives.

The “FUTURO” game is designed for students and young people from 10-16 years of age.

It applies to both formal, school education and non-formal education. The goal of the game is to introduce the goals of sustainable development to the participants, underline the importance of realizing these goals, as well as motivating them to contribute to the implementation of those goals.