HENNESSY Very Special x Faith XLVII

Influencer Marketing campaign in Armenia


Hennessy Very Special x Faith XLVII influencer marketing campaign started on June 11, 2021, and lasted for 2 weeks. The last post was made on June 28.

During the campaign 12 creative influencers from different age categories (under 30 and 30+) were involved. This cooperation created the possibility to target youngsters and adults active in social media and interested in modern art, art-related domains, mixology, tattoo art, photo and videography, and social activism.

Shushan Stepanyan

Hayk Mkrtchyan

Nikolay Hayrapetyan

Gayane Poghosyan

Arthur Lumen

Ara Aslanyan

Gagik Mkrtchyan

Arthur Aleq

Emma Grigoryan

Hakob Vardanyan

Silva Mkrtchyan

Arsen Miqayelyan

Influencers were contacted in advance for the preliminary agreement and instructions. Information note was created in order to provide more information and guideline. 

The campaign started with the Instagram reel post from WELL PR Agency, briefly showing the basic cocktail recipe included in the package for the influencers.

Plays: 1,734
Accounts Reached: 1,655

Shushan Stepanyan



Followers: 44,800

Shushan is one of the known Armenian bloggers under 30. She is producing YouTube videos, working for the podcasting platform.  The main target group is youngsters, interested in digital media. Targeting mainly 16+ audience, sharing life hacks, useful information about social media, and overall aesthetic/artsy content.

Shushan filmed a cocktail-making video for the Instagram reels and unboxing videos for the Instagram stories

Hayk Mkrtchyan



Followers: 31,000

Hayk is one of the most successful Armenian bloggers. He is working at Hetq Media Factory as a producer. Along with his professional and blogging career, he is producing board games for youngsters and socks with funny prints. His main audience is 16+ youngsters interested in media, blogging, board games and lifestyle in general.

Hayk filmed an unboxing video for the Instagram stories and posted a photo with the bottle on his feed

Nikolay Hayrapetyan



Followers: 26,300

Nikolay, known as Kolya952 is a very successful YouTuber. Along with it he is building a career as a professional filmmaker and videographer. He was involved in different commercial cooperations. His main audience are youngsters interested in cinematography, music, and artsy lifestyle overall.

Nikolay filmed a creative video for the Instagram reels using drone and some color editing technics

Gayane Poghosyan



Followers: 2,002

Gayane is one of the well-known young tattoo artist. She is creating unique artworks for her clients from the scratch and at the same time, she is bartending at couple of Yerevan-based clubs. She is interested in Japan Art, snowboarding, techno music and mixology. Her main audience is 20+ people with the same interests.

Gayane created series of posts and stories for Instagram

Arthur Lumen



Followers: 4,400

Arthur is a professional photo and videographer owning his own agency. He, along with his wife, owns a healthy food café and a coffee house. He is creating unique photographs for his clients, capturing their life and memories. He is interested in art, travel, and active sport. His followers are mostly 25+ with the same interests.

Lumen created series of stories from his coffee shop preparing the cocktail

Ara Aslanyan




Followers: ~ 5,000

Ara is a well-known graphic designer and photographer. He has been an art director for various companies, including TUMO center. Currently, he is mostly freelancing as a designer, traveling across the country, organizing concerts for rock artists and parties. He is interested in modern art, mixology, and music. His audience is 25+ people with the same interests.

Ara created series of stories and posts for Instagram showing him making the cocktail for local bar in Gyumri. As well as a review post in Facebook.

Gagik Mkrtchyan




Followers: 23,200

Gagik is one of the first tattoo artists in Armenia. He and his wife own a well-known tattoo shop. Besides that, he is an actor at Dramatic Theater. He is interested in modern art, drawing, and sketching, as well as in techno music and mixology. His followers are mostly 25+ people with an active lifestyles, involved in club life, parties, interested in art.

Gagik filmed series of stories for his Instagram, showing how he prepares cocktails for his friends in his tattoo studio

Arthur Aleq



Followers: 2,700

Arthur is a well-known singer and songwriter. He participated in different music shows in Armenia, cooperated with famous artists. He is interested in contemporary art, music production and videography. His followers are 16+ youngsters who value good music and are artsy overall.

Arthur filmed a cinematic video for his Instagram reels using his own song as a soundtrack

Emma Grigoryan



Followers: 2,000

Emma is one of the most talented portrait photographers in Armenia, well known with her artistic name Thiternik. She has a huge experience in collaboration with different brands around the world. She is famous for her Mauritius series, where she was based couple of years ago. Right now, she is working with some local brands such as Shabeeg and Danz.

Emma created series of stories for her Instagram highlighting the celebration of life through art and nature

Hakob Vardanyan



Followers: 6,100

Hakob is an extraordinary artist well known with his artistic name Hades. He started as a painter, but now working with sculptures, experimenting with unusual materials for art, creating amazing art installations. He is the co-owner of Contact Concept Art non-profit organization, popularizing modern art in Armenia.

Hakob shared an Instagram post with photos, showing Hennessy VS bottle integrated with one of his sculptures as a symbol of the interconnectivity of art and life

Silva Mkrtchyan



Followers: 4,100

Silva is a young artist. She is expressing her art with paintings and art installations. She is one of those whom we can call a generation of young artist, who are keen on modern art and who are trying to popularize art in Armenia.

Silva created series of stories showing Hennessy VS bottle integrated with sunlight painted nature with the same color palette as the bottle and cognac itself

Arsen Miqayelyan



Followers: 3,870

Arsen is a dramatic actor at Gyumri State Dramatic Theater. He is one of the brightest young artists in Armenia, involved in modern performances, representing Armenian art on different international stages. He and his followers are interested in modern art, youth activism and sports.

Arsen created an unboxing video for his Instagram stories, highlighting the Hennessy VS on a very ethnic Armenian background