KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation


Design of the official website of the KASA Foundation’s Gyumri Center in accordance with the Foundation’s style, colors, principles, as well as the creation of relevant content for the same site, presenting the main directions and services of the Center.


Photoshoots in Gyumri hotel area, workshops with staff, website design, based on national ornaments that also symbolize the educational and cultural activities of the KASA Foundation as well as the image of Gyumri as a cultural capital. When it comes to corporate color, the choice is based on one of the foundation’s corporate colors, the apricot color.

The desire to discover and recognize Gyumri is the main purpose of ​​the website visitor. In the meantime, the visual and textual content is meant to show the visitor that his “home address” in Gyumri is KASA Foundation’s Gyumri Center.